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Meet the Brunchnista :  Amanda Murray

Meet the Brunchnista : Amanda Murray

Amanda Murray Stylist for Barneys

Amanda Murray Stylist for Barneys

Amanda Murray is a Stylist for Barneys an American chain of luxury department stores founded and headquartered in New York, New York. She is responsible for creating innovative, editorial, and brand-conscious looks of luxury. Amanda has a very eclectic sense of style; her mix-and-match combinations always seem to work for that perfect look of nonchalant elegance. You can find Amanda currently slaying the social media world with her acute sense of style at @londongirlinnyc. 

As a fashion authority at the forefront of creativity, I was curious to find out how this London-Trini girl brunches in NYC fast-paced environment. I recently caught up with Amanda to find out how she brunches!  Here are my ten quick-fire questions and here's what the trend-setter had to say about her brunch behavior! 

  1. Favorite brunch spot?  Well I have two! Buttermilk Channel for eggs and bacon and French toast and Streets BK for Ackee and Saltfish with green banana and fried dumplings.
  2. Coffee or Tea?  Definitely Tea! I’ve had bad experiences with coffee lol. I love having a good cuppa in the morning before work and one in the afternoon. New York is a big coffee drinking city which I suppose aligns itself with the energy of the city which is go go go and tea is more easy going which aligns itself to the UK which is a more relaxed city in regards to the energy.
  3. Mimosa or Bellini?  I’m a Bellini girl all the way! The Sanderson hotel in London makes the most amazing Lychee bellini. I’m not a big drinker but that’s definitely one of my favorites, along with Pineapple juice with Malibu rum.
  4. When I’m not being a Brunchnista , You can find me?  Working, working, working and snuggled up on my sofa watching Game Of Thrones, Insecure, Homeland and Sex and the City.
  5. When I brunch at home, my go to meal is?  A full English breakfast of baked beans, bacon, crumpets and scrambled eggs. 
  6. Favorite brunch squad!  My brother Troy, because he loves food just as much I do.
  7. One brunch item you hate? Anything with Mango.
  8. Most played song on your iTunes?  Currently its Take Me Apart by Kelela.
  9. If you could have brunch with any woman, who would it be and why? 

    That’s a tough one, I can’t choose one. It would be a three way tie lol

    Tracee Ellis Ross – She’s hilarious and she has a great personal sense of style, she’s real and refreshing. Not that I ever need validation about things I buy but when I see her in things I own, I literally scream “That’s right Tracee, you go girl”, Im so silly.

    Anjelica Huston – I read her memoir Watch Me, which details her relationship with Jack Nicholson and his inability to commit to her during their many years together, it really hit a nerve with me. Reading about their relationship was like reading an excerpt of my own life, and other women in my life. I really respected how remarkably candid she was.

    Adwoah Aboah – I met her at a party once, I smiled at her and she walked over and hugged my friend and I. That was such a real moment, that a smile prompted her to walk over to us and hug us. I’m a big energy person, I feel people’s energy before they speak and I hate to be narcissistic but I’m always right. That truly spoke to me about her energy and also the way women should be with each other instead of being catty. Women need each other.

  10. Fav brunch outfit? I always start with jeans, usually Frame or vintage Levis. Some sort of dress over my jeans, big sunglasses, ysl clutch and Prada, Celine or Chanel heels.
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