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The Soho Twirl: Three of Soho's Most Instagramable Spots

The Soho Twirl: Three of Soho's Most Instagramable Spots

Instagram is changing the way we experience life. I love food, but I'm also really excited about places that serve an excellent backdrop. I'm always down for a beautiful experience with a great meal. An instagramable moment is just the icing on the cake.

Neighborhoods, restaurants and museums are becoming more photogenic. We are experiencing what is called "Instagramization" of the world, and Soho is the epicenter of it all. On my recent city twirl, I explored three of the most instagrammable places in SoHo.

My first stop was the Flour Shop by Amirah Kassem; it is affectionately titled the home of the rainbow cake, and I was finally getting a chance to taste it! The price of the cake made me clutch my chest! $30 I gasped - $30 for a single miniature cake. Oh well! Yolo! As always, I’m committed to the twirl, even if it comes in the form of an oversized $30 cupcake. I purchased a cake and took my seat beneath the rainbow signage ready for my close up. Unfortunately, the flour shop doesn't allow photo shoots unless you book a session, but we were able to snap some quick pics. The Flour shops “Explosion cake” made them IG famous. The cake has six rainbow layers, cream cheese frosting, decorated with a rainbow Sprinkle and surprise in the center. I just knew a cake with all this "extra" would not taste good. I was in complete shock, it actually was delicious! I took one bite, and another, then put it way. There was no way I could or should eat an entire cake. Trust me I considered it! Flour shop staff were so sweet! The cake must be refrigerated within two hours, so they agreed to hold my cake until I was ready to head back to Brooklyn. Put the Flour shop on your list! You have to see this bakery and taste the cake IRL.

Next stop was Cha Cha Matcha. It’s another Instagram favorite. Since I was over my calorie count with the flour shop cake, I decided on water and a couple of cute pictures in the pink and green setting. Cha Cha matcha uses the real deal matcha which is finely milled Japanese green tea leaves so if you're into that sort of thing is the place! They also have a great pink and green wall and a neon sign for your inner blogger to take some really cool pictures.

My last stop was Tacombi which draws inspiration from the beaches of Yucatan. Authentic Tacos are served out of a converted adorable Volkswagen. Tacos are usually cheap, but when you put a Taco shop in Soho, you get expensive tacos. The vibe is fun, and the restaurant has an electic charm. Mexican is probably my favorite cuisine. I could eat it every day. Tacombi hit the spot! The guacamole was excellent, and my breakfast tacos were yummy.

New York is a food bloggers dream. I get overwhelmed reviewing my list of all the places, and I want to try. Every time I add a spot to my list, another cool spot worthy of exploration pops up on the scene. Did you know it would take you 20 years to eat at every restaurant in NYC today? But never fear my dear! The Brunchnistas got you covered. If you need a guide, follow my lead and head to the Flour shop, Tacombi, and Cha Cha Matcha for a fun-filled Instagramable Soho Adventure!


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