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 Yardbird Southern Table & Bar  #Brunchbasel

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar #Brunchbasel

Sunday brunch at Yardbird

Sunday brunch at Yardbird

The spot: Yardbird Southern Table & Bar 

Location:   1600 Lenox Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone: (305) 538-5220

Cuisine: Southern, American, Comfort Food. "Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, a house of worship to farm-fresh ingredients, classic Southern cooking, culture, and hospitality"

Instagramable: No

What we ate :

Fried Green Tomato BLT pork belly, greens, tomato jam, house-made pimento cheese

Deviled Eggs fresh dill, smoked trout roe ‘redneck caviar.

Chicken N' Watermelon N' Waffles yardbird's signature ‘old-school fried chicken', hot sauce honey, chilled spiced watermelon, cheddar cheese chow chow waffle, bourbon maple syrup

Lewellyn's Fine Fried Chicken 1/2 free-range bird, ‘27-hour' recipe, spicy tabasco honey

MACARONI & CHEESE trotolle pasta, five artisanal cheeses, crispy herb crust

AVOCADO TOAST col. newsom’s Kentucky prosciutto, poached farmer’s egg, roasted tomatoes

shrimp n' grits seared shrimp, roasted tomatoes, Virginia ham, red onions, Nora mill, grits PBR chicken jus

peach cobbler marzipan crumble, french vanilla ice cream, florentine almond cookie bowl cinnamon twist

Drinks: Blackberry bourbon lemonade signature punch is tart and tangy with just the right amount of sweetness made with wild turkey bourbon, blackberry puree, fresh lemon, cardamom & angostura bitters

Ambiance:  Rustic outpost farm-to-table Southern comfort chic

Brunch hours: Brunch: 8:30am - 4pm


So for the second day of #brunchbasel we got gussied up and rolled up to Yardbird. Saturday's brunch was great, and I wasn't expecting much at Yardbird! YardBird must have heard what a great time we had at Sugarcane and decided they were not to be outdone.  My girlfriends have this weird thing they do, its called making a reservation. They used their phones and picked a specific to dine.  Upon arrival the hostess makes accommodations and you're seated immediately. In all my years of eating out. I have never made a reservation. "Reservations" seem to work.  I may try this concept going forward.  I also learned  could earn rewards by making reservations with Open Table-  I signed up!  I'll let you know how this goes. 

I love brunch but I usually focus on the taste of the food.  Since starting my blog I now pay attention to all elements of the dining experience, to give you all more comprehensive review. The servers were pleasant, bubbly even-- it must be a Miami thing. Yardbird also has a family-style service creating a shared dining experience! The atmosphere is very diner-like, upscale and rustic nothing too fancy.   

After the menu rundown, we chatted and decided on the menu items above. I am a new to the drinking world. I never really drank before this year. Everyone once in a while I forget I drink. Today was not the case. I ordered a blueberry lemonade with bourbon! I can see why its a house favorite its tart-sweet with just a hint of bourbon.  I was compelled to order another one, but I get incredibly sleepy after drinks, so I didn't-- plus we had to see #artbasel exhibits the actual reason we were in Miami.

Every item brought to our table was favorable. I'm biased to southern comfort food. My daddy was as southern as a Cadillac and a ten-gallon hat. Southern food is my happy place. So I was like a kid in a candy store. I don't eat bacon or shrimp but decided that I would try everything so that I could give you the full rundown. From the deviled eggs to the fried green tomatoes to the peach cobbler; they were all prepared with a deep reverence for southern culture. Even the chicken was lightly seasoned, and they have a hot honey sauce that makes you want to put the whole bottle in your bag for that *hot sauce in your bag swag*
If I had to choose two favorite dishes, it would be the fried green tomatoes and the chicken and waffles. The fried green tomatoes were brought alive with a pimento cheese spread and bacon!  Yardbird decided to do something different with waffles --they were infused with Vermont sharp cheddar cheese, topped with bourbon syrup accompanied by spiced watermelon. While having chicken waffles and melon on the same plate might be cliche for some, the combination works, just trust me on this one. It creates that umami experience.   The mac and cheese was okay. I expected a little more effort than just noodles with cheese sauce. My rule for mac and cheese is: if it not baked,  then it's not mac and cheese.  The peach cobbler was tasty, but I was looking for a more southern flaky crust,  instead of the biscuit type crust. Just my personal preference since I'm not a huge fan bready dishes.  The other dishes where typical southern staples that were delish, so you seriously can't go wrong with this South Beach hotspot. Burboun and fried chicken what else could a brunchnista ask for-- Yardbird is a southern comfort done right; if you're in Miami, I suggest you twirl in for brunch. 


Rating: 🍴🍴 🍴🍴 out 🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴 (4/5)


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