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Suede NYC

Suede NYC

Suede Caribbean Brunch in Brooklyn, NY

Suede Caribbean Brunch in Brooklyn, NY

The spot : Suede NYC

Location:   5610 Clarendon Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11203

Phone: (347) 474-7328

Cuisine: Carribean

Instagramable: No

What we ate : Wings (Mango BBQ) Sticky bbq wings served with cornbread

Suede Early Rise Breakfast Ackee and saltfish, festival, boiled bananas and callaloo

Bake and Saltfish Hand made fried dough served with saltfish

Shrimp and Grits - Cornmeal Grits Served with Sauteed Shrimp in a tomato sauce

Brunch hours:  Saturday -Sunday Sat 10am- 4pm
Sun 10am -4pm ( I actually made a reservation on open table but the hostest was unable to find my reservation. I also had to wait almost 20 mins despite having a reservation) 

Ambiance:  Stylish venue presenting creative Caribbean plates & rum-based drinks amid a festive vibe.

Review: Suede is a hop, skip and jump from my house. I've been for dinner on several occasions, but this time I wanted to try their brunch. On Saturdays, Suede has prefix brunch, which is a pretty awesome deal. For the low price of $19.95, You can get an appetizer, entree and in a mimosa.

I called Morgan, and Shani to see if they would meet me for brunch at Suede, and they agreed. After a few laughs, we all decided to order the prefix menu. I ordered the traditional West Indian breakfast which included plantain, boiled bananas, callaloo, ackee& saltfish, with festival.

After the pictures were taken, we dug in! When your brunch with the brunchnista, you have to dig deep for that patience. Massive shout out and Bigups to all my friends who are so patient and supportive. They help me capture these images that I share with you on social media and my blog.

For the appetizers, we ordered a fruit plate and chicken wings. The chicken wings came with a side of coleslaw salad, and a bakes aka (fried dumplings) the flavors were exciting, but the chicken wings were lukewarm and overcooked. As for the fruit, I wanted better presentation maybe something in a banana leaf, coconut or pineapple to give it that tropical feel. But alas, it was just fruit on a plate. You can't really mess up fruit, but the presentation is everything.

I love Caribbean breakfast or brunch, but it's not usually offered in restaurants. The best Caribbean food is traditionally served at your mother's or grandma's house. Very few restaurants attempt to execute these meticulously curated brunch dishes. I was curious to see if Suede would rise to the occasion. Upon arriving, my plate was a vision right out of Jamaica. If I closed my eyes, I could picture myself sitting on the beach in Montego Bay watching the waves crash against the shore with this plate in front of me. The breakfast had staples of a Carribean breakfast, but did the taste match the presentation? Sadly it did not, the taste was below what I expected. I've come to expect rich Caribbean dishes filled with love and flavor to match, but this dish did not measure up. The saltfish and bake and shrimp and grits were okay but when you have eaten at a real Caribbean table it's hard to measure up, but I do give Suede and "A" for effort.

The service at suede was slow but cordial they accommodated my request to be seated near a window to take better pictures of my food. I always appreciate when restaurants assist the Brunchnistas twirl. Where Suede really excels is with drinks. The mimosas were terrific, and we had one too many. When your brunch starts with tropically flavored mimosas such as Guava, Sorrel, Mango or Passionfruit brunch is going to be good no matter what!

If I were to choose between brunch and dinner at Suede, I would go with dinner. Caribbean restaurants are not known for brunch, but Suede comes close. Suede is a good spot for someone who is new to the Caribbean scene and would like to get a taste of what the islands offer for Breakfast/Brunch. Have you been to Suede? What did you think?

Maharlika NYC

Maharlika NYC