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Sarabeth's Central Park South

Sarabeth's Central Park South

City Chic with my girls on a Thursday afternoon    ALL IMAGES Courtsey of Brennan Savage @visualsavage

City Chic with my girls on a Thursday afternoon 

ALL IMAGES Courtsey of Brennan Savage @visualsavage

The spot : Sarabeth's Central Park South

Location:  40 Central Park S, New York, NY 10021

Phone: (212) 826-5959

Cuisine:  Posh chain serving American fare, including brunch & dessert. 

Instagramable: maybe if you are able to sit on the patio in the summer and spring!

What we ate :

Michelle - VEGETABLE FRITTATA asparagus, peppers, chives, gruyère   CHICKEN & APPLE SAUSAGE 

Genese Jamilah -SEAFOOD COBB SALAD Maine lobster, crab meat, shrimp, avocado, bacon, egg, tomato, onion, blue cheese

Kela - CRAB CAKE BENEDICT* jumbo lump crab, hollandaise, peppers, chives 

Share : PUMPKIN WAFFLE raisins, sour cream, honey



FOUR FLOWER MIMOSA  four flower juice, sparkling wine

FIVE FLOWERS MIMOSA  St. Germaine, sparkling wine, four flowers juice CLASSIC BELLINI  white peach purée, sparkling wine

Average wait time: We went to brunch on a random thrusday afternoon, But wait time could be anywhere between 25 mins to an hour  

Ambiance: upscale diner chic

Brunch hours:  Brunch: Saturday - Sunday: 8:00am - 4:00pm


Thursday afternoon, I called up two of my favorite brunchnistas, and we headed to the Upper West Side for kiki and brunch. I have always dreamed of being a lady of leisure - where my girls and I twirl and have brunch in the middle of the day!  This day made me feel like I was one step closer to that dream. 😀

Sarabeth's has been on my brunch bucket list forever.  Growing up in NYC I strolled past this restaurant more times than I can remember. I am also a huge jam/marmalade connoisseur. Some people buy t-shirts on vacation I buy Jam! Nothing warms my heart more than opening a new jar of jam/marmalade purchased overseas or right here in the USA and  Sarabeth's marmalade is one of my favorites.  If you're not familiar, Sarabeth's started as an orange apricot marmalade distributor from an old family recipe. It received rave reviews, so they opened up a bakery, which eventually led to the Sarabeth's franchise.  Today, the iconic restaurant has many locations in Manhattan and is famous for breakfast and Sunday brunch.

The staff was tremendous in accommodating our seating preference. (we wanted a quiet booth in the back so that we wouldn't disturb anyone with our mid-afternoon kackle and kiki ) Mini Caudle; the General Manager assisted us graciously. 

After being seated, we reviewed the brunch/lunch menu. The brunch options were extensive, and I was overwhelmed. Brunchnista rule #1 : order sweet and savor for optimal brunch experience -was at the forefront of my mind.  Torn between the lemon ricotta and the pumpkin waffle, I finally choose the lemon ricotta. Surprisingly the pumpkin waffle was sent to us - compliments of the chef!  The pancakes were good, but the pumpkin waffle, sour cream, and fresh fruit were unexpected, creating a palate party I didn't know I needed! The chicken sausage which is a rare find on many breakfast menus was pure perfection. My vegetable frittata was okay. It needed the addition of salsa or sauce to bring a little more flavor to the dish. Sarabeth's is perfect for new the Instagram foodie culture and presentation is superb. My co-brunchnistas  for this adventure enjoyed their dishes as well . I got a chance to taste both dishes because  Brunchnista rule #2:  share and share alike, no side eyes allowed. Of course, my girls obliged.  If Sarabeth's is on your list, I recommend.  It's something natives and visitors should experience a least once!

*Brunch bucket list: Sarabeth's complete  ✅

Rating: 🍴🍴 🍴 out 🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴 (3/5)


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