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Cebu Bistro

Cebu Bistro

Cebu Bistro Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY

Cebu Bistro Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY

The spot : Cebu Bistro and Bar

Location:   8801 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Phone: (718) 492-5095

Cuisine: American bistro

Instagramable: You might get a few cute shots at the old school phone booth and fire place

What we ate :

Michelle  "BROKEN EGGS" Chili peppers, potatoes, chicken sausage, herbs  Drink : BELLINI  Champagne, peach nectar

Jennaydra: SHORT RIB POLENTA  poached egg, boneless short rib  Drink: GREEN WITH ENVY  Cucumber vodka, Elderflower liqueur, cucumber, lime

Share : CHALLAH BREAD FRENCH TOAST wild blueberry syrup ,HOUSE MADE RICOTTA  herbs, honey, rustic bread, and PEEKYTOE CRAB FRITTERS Guajillo emulsion

Brunch hours:  Saturday -Sunday Sat 10am- 4pm
Sun 10am -4pm ( I actually made a reservation on open table and was seated right away) 

Ambiance:  Eclectic American Bistro Chic 

Review:  "Brooklyn is more than just Bed Stuy, and Williamsburg" is what I told myself as I looked for a new brunch spot! Growing up in Brooklyn, I experienced all aspects of this great borough so why not include that into my brunch shenanigans. I am always researching new places to brunch in Brooklyn.
My research led me to Cebu Bistro in Bayridge, and I knew I wanted to try it. So when my girlfriend Jennaydra told me she wanted to take me out for a post Birthday brunch, I knew just where to go! So on NYE, we headed to Cebu for brunch. As soon as we entered we were greeted by the pleasant staff. I gave them my name for the reservation, and we were seated immediately (Yay, Open table) from the outside Cebu doesn't look large, but it is! There are several setting areas and sections for large parties and intimate gatherings.

Cebu offers paper and digital menus; I was fascinated with digital version!  As we settled and removed our layers which shielded us from the freezing temperatures- Doug, the weekend manager came to our table for a cordial round of pleasantries and complimentary appetizers: crab fritters and rustic ricotta bread. Both were impressive and if it was any indication of the meal to come, we were on the right path. Ricotta's taste doesn't exactly wow you, but with herb bread and honey it was memorable! I don't eat crab, but I am more open to new dishes lately, so I tasted it ... I was mad because it was so good. I almost considered giving up years of "no-shellfish rule" to indulge in these crab decision is still TBD.

Our fantastic server Heather helped us navigate the rest our brunch choices and drinks, and we decided on the menu above. I ordered the Broken egg ( but a not broken egg) I had my egg fried hard; I'm slowly working my way to the yolker egg, but not on this day. My dish was great I could tell how the broken egg would have added texture to the plate, it was a little dry, but I remedied that with requesting chipotle alioli to incorporate the texture and boost of flavor to an already fantastic dish. The chicken sausage and potatoes where seasoned to perfection.  Jennaydra had the polenta with short ribs, and she loved it. She couldn't believe how flavorful the short ribs were.  Jennaydra and I are self-proclaimed chefs,  so impressing us is challenging. Every dish was bursting with flavor and got our stamp of approval. The challah french toast was so good but what put the recipe over the top was the wild blueberry syrup, whoever decided to pair these together needs a noble prize! What amazing combination! I'm drooling just reminiscing about it, and plotting my next visit! I made our reservation for 11:30 am thinking that we could start early and still have the rest of the day finish our errands before the New Year. Cebu's service and ambiance kept us laughing and kiking until 3 pm. Cebu is the type of restaurant that caters to the kiki girl's brunch, NYE fancy dinner,  and the place everyone comes to watch the game! There is something for everyone, and you are sure to be delighted whenever you decide. Cebu gets my approval for great places to brunch in Brooklyn. If you are ever in Bay Ridge- consider stopping by for brunch, you won't regret it. You could even make a day of it, the first ever Century 21 department store is just a 5-minute walk away.

Rating: 🍴🍴 🍴 🍴 out 🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴

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