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Bunchnista HQ

Image by @justthephotog

Tablescape @makiniregal

Brunchnista - The passionate pursuit of the brunch lifestyle everyday not just Sundays!™

There are two words I recently came across while prepping to launch my blog -  Hygge and Sobremesa.

Each word from different cultures embody the true spirit of what I want my readers to feel when visiting Brunchnista.com
The best moments in my life have been spent sharing food and laughs with the people I love the most.  It saddens me that we have become so disconnected, and connect only by a device in the palm of our hands. I want us to get back to meeting up for Sunday brunches that turn into dinner and memories that last a lifetime. Hopefully, I can do that and inspire you to do the same! 

Hygge { hoo ga} origin * Norway, Demark
1. Life moments brimming with happiness, comfort, loved ones. favorite things, beautiful places; 2. savoring the present moment; 3. the good life 

Sobremesa { sO-bRe-'mA-sa} origin * Spain
(n.) the time spent around the table after lunch or dinner, talking to the people you shared the meal with; time to digest and savor both food and friendship.